The Firm

Achom & Partners solicitors is distinguishable from other criminal defence firms because of the personal one-on-one services and professionalism each and every single one of its clients is offered and receives.

After a decade of carving out a reputation of integrity, honesty, willingness to work hard and smart, Achom & Partners solicitors stands head and shoulders above their peers which has contributed to the confidence and tenacity they apply when investigating or defending clients against the Police and the CPS.


WHAT: The mission
Continue striving to provide expert Legal advice and the highest standard of client care.
WHEN: At all occasions
Keeping to Proven in-house methods puls intense Customer service processes and procedures
HOW: KIS (keep it simple)
By applying a strong personal touch and customer care to each client’s cases
WHY:  The outcome (3 fold)
To Client: The best possible chance of a not-guilty verdict.
To A&P:  Continue to raise our profile and client demand.
To Crown: A solid to track record of vigorously defending all cases


Achom & Partners continually offer creative solutions and highly personalized client service throughout our representation. Our goal is to expand your options for a positive result while protecting you from the risk of punishment and long-range consequences for your career, your education or your family.