Sex Crimes

There are many different acts that can be labelled as sex crimes including rape, prostitution, solicitation of a minor, child pornography, sexual abuse, sex-related internet crimes and indecent exposure, to name a few.   To be accused of a sex crime potentially holds serious consequences such as life imprisonment, including the possibility of a Public Protection Sentence (or IPP), the requirement to report to the police and sign the Sex Offender Register for the rest of their lives and any conviction for a sex crime will ultimately lead to massive employment restrictions.     Furthermore, even an allegation of a sex crime can change your life, triggering hate crime and idle gossip as well as attracting much social stigma.   Achom & Partners solicitors are skilled lawyers who also have excellent communication skills, we are used to dealing with sensitive issues and have successfully defended many clients accused of sexual offences including Rape, Indecent Assault, Gross Indecency and Living from Immoral Earnings.   More often than not, there is only one key witness in a sex crime, the complainant and the laws on evidence are complex and should your matter proceed to Trial, tactical planning is crucial.    At A&P Solicitors we do not accept crucial scientific evidence served by the Prosecution as reliable until we have instructed one of a range of the United Kingdom’s leading scientists to conduct an independent analysis report on your behalf.  Historically, we have excluded many reports which have led to the Court ruling that our client has no case to answer (N.F.A – no further action).