Murder and Manslaughter

Although the death penalty was abolished over sixty years ago, the sentencing in the past five years following a conviction for murder remains higher than ever. Furthermore, conviction rates in murder are increasing due to rapid developments in scientific analysis including DNA, telephone and computer evidence as well as increased anonymity and protection for police informants.   Achom & Partners Solicitors have successfully defended many clients charged with murder, by effectively challenging the prosecution’s case through legal arguments both administratively and at Court.    Should you be accused of murder, it is essential to have elite representation from the initial arrest; otherwise the consequences at Trial may be dire.  At Achom & Partners our solicitors strive for continuity and will ensure that you are represented by senior lawyers from the initial arrest onwards.   After a conviction for murder you will be sentenced to a mandatory term of life imprisonment. The Judge will set a minimum term tariff indicating the length of time to serve before being considered eligible for release. The tariff will depend on factors such as the use of weapons or multiple murders.  Effectively, you could spend the remainder of your life in custody.  Many solicitors have no experience in Murder so it is crucial that you are represented by specialists, who are experienced in highly complex cases, and can ensure that you understand the nature of the proceedings against you.    A&P Solicitors have experience in different types of murder ranging from domestic incidents to gangland executions and are rapidly gaining a significant reputation due to our all round abilities and expertise in handling the most serious and technical cases.