Youth Offences (YO)

This also include: Violent acts, sex offences, gang-related activities, theft crimes, property damage, internet crimes, alcohol use and illegal drug crimes, juvenile probation problems and violations of other conditions of your release   Each juvenile crime is different with its own set of circumstances making it important to have an experienced defence solicitor when a juvenile is facing serious criminal charges.  A juvenile does not have the rights provided to adults when involved in criminal proceedings.  Juveniles are not entitled to a public proceedings or jury.  The extent of the crime and the type of crime can affect the decision of a judge at sentencing.  Parents need to be involved because they may lose custody of their child to the state youth authorities and reform system.   When the future of a young person is at stake, it is important to have support from a skilled and experienced Solicitor from Achom & Partners. Make an appointment today for a consultation regarding a juvenile crime.