Drug Related Offences

Possession of Drugs, Drug Distribution, Drug Trafficking.    Drug charges may carry serious consequences. Being convicted for a drug crime can carry serious fines or prison time. A criminal drug conviction may also seriously affect your opportunities later in life. Choosing the right criminal solicitor and firm is an important decision. Because of many years of experience, Achom & Partners solicitors have an insight that not all criminal lawyers possess. This allows us a unique perspective and experience when handling these types of cases.    We can assist your understanding of the criminal charges brought against you, the criminal process, and the options you have to help reduce or eliminate charges. We aim to always provide first rate personal representation, effective defence and protection of your rights.    We have a proven record of defending clients accused of varied drug crimes including numerous cases involving a variety of drugs including: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine), Speed, Crack Cocaine, Club Drugs (such as ecstasy, GHB, date rape drugs).